List Connectors

There are many information when it comes to Connectors!
    Instance / Name: instance is only displayed if you have multiple Kafka Connect instances configured, to distinguish between them
    Class: the plugin used
    Type: quickly understand what this connector does
    Topics: which topics do the connector listens from or writes into
    Status / Tasks: red means trouble!
Here is a typical example with 6 Kafka Connect instances for multiple environnements:

Error Management

Conduktor displays the connectors on the main list in error (clearly in red). In the details, it's possible to look at which task failed and why:

Restart / Pause / Stop

It's possible to restart a Connector or simply a task (or all tasks at once, different of a full connector restart).
    Restart a Connector
    Pause/Resume a Connector
    Restart ALL the tasks of a Connector
    Restart a particular task of a Connector

Connector States

A connector and its tasks can have different states:
    UNASSIGNED: no worker is picking it up!

Reset Connector Source Offsets

Kafka Connect stores connectors state inside Kafka itself.
Sometimes (mostly when testing), you want to reset a connector to start from "scratch", as it was the first time ever you've started it. Unfortunately, removing a Connector does not delete its state from Kafka. You can either:
    change the Connector name: Kafka Connect won't find any existing state obviously
    reset the source offsets: using Conduktor!
Conduktor will look for the partition containing the latest occurence of your connector configuration, to know "where" to reset it.
Here is an example:
    my connector name: "my-connector" which is already stopped (ie: removed)
    my Kafka Connect offsets topic: "docker-connect-offsets"
    Click Lookup and let Conduktor find the partition and latest value
    Select the key and "RESET SOURCE OFFSETS"
    Restart your Connector (re-create it), it will start from scratch

Create Connectors

We provide a wizard to easily create connectors. The available connector types depend on the Kafka Connect instance you're creating a connector. You can also simply load a JSON to init the wizard:
When you pick a Sink or a Source connector type (or Create From JSON), you have access to a nice wizard properly organized and fully documented (just hover the property names).
For instance, here, one of the step of the Elasticsearch Sink Connector:

Update Connector

It's possible to update a Connector by using this same wizard or simply by providing an updated JSON.
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