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Virtual Cluster

What is a VCluster ?

A VCluster (for "virtual cluster") is a logical representation of a Kafka cluster in Conduktor Gateway. Thanks to this concept, Conduktor Gateway enables Kafka users to create as many (virtual) clusters as they wish while having only a single physical kafka cluster deployed.


The primary goal of VClusters is to multiplex several logical Kafka clusters on a single physical Kafka clusters. For that we need to ensure isolation between the different VClusters (like if we enabled multitenancy in Kafka).

To achieve isolation every VCluster has a prefix.

The principle is that any kafka resource (topic, group id, transactional id) whose key starts with a VCluster's prefix will be accessible from this VCluster.


Passthrough VCluster

There is one special case, a VCluster with a prefix defined with the special name passthrough will not use any prefixing whether it reads or writes in Kafka. As a consequence, every resource on the physical Kafka is potentially accessible in this VCluster.


Naming: The passthrough VCluster is equivalent to a transparent VCluster.

Since the prefix must be unique, a Gateway instance can only have one single passthrough VCluster.