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How to access Prometheus metrics from Gateway

The Prometheus endpoint is <gateway_host>:<gateway_port>/metrics , for example;


Please note that if you enabled GATEWAY_SECURED_METRICS you will need to access it with credentials, for example;

--username "admin:conduktor" localhost:8888/metrics

Available metrics for Prometheus

Metric descriptionMetric value
The number of connections closed per secondgateway.upstream.connection_close_rate
The total number of connections closedgateway.upstream.connection_close_total
The number of new connections established per secondgateway.upstream.connection_creation_rate
The total number of new connections establishedgateway.upstream.connection_creation_total
The number of times the I/O layer checked for new I/O to perform per secondgateway.upstream.select_rate
The total number of times the I/O layer checked for new I/O to performgateway.upstream.select_total
The number of time the I/O thread spent waitinggateway.upstream.io_wait_rate
The total time the I/O thread spent waitinggateway.upstream.io_wait_total
The number of active broker connections of the connection poolgateway.brokered_active_connections
The number of active connections per vclustergateway.active_connections.vcluster
The latency to process a request and generate a responsegateway.latency.request_response
The latency to process a request and generate a response for each ApiKeygateway.apiKeys.latency.request_response
The total number of bytes exchanged through the gatewaygateway.bytes_exchanged
The total bytes exchanged within the context of the specified virtual clustergateway.bytes_exchanged.vcluster
A counter on number of rebuilding kafka requestgateway.thread.request.rebuild
The number of pending tasks on our Gateway thread (where all rebuilding request/response happen)gateway.thread.tasks
The number of connections from Gateway to the backing Kafka clustergateway.upstream.connections.upstream.connected
The number of connections from clients to Gatewaygateway.upstream.connections.downstream
The number of Kafka
The size of the kcache (equal to the number of key-value pairs we have in the cache)gateway.kcache_size
The number of active backend brokersgateway.backend.brokered_active_connections
The number of authentication attempts that failed for each usergateway.failed_authentications
The log end offset of client topicsgateway.topic.log_end_offset
The current offset of consumer group on client topicgateway.topic.current_offset