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Database Configuration

For quickstart purpose platform run with an internal embedded database (default).

For production environmnents conduktor-platform support (since version 1.1.2) external database configuration.

Database requirements

  • PostgreSQL 14+
  • Provided connection role should have grant ALL PRIVILEGES on configured database. Platform should be able to create/update/delete schema and tables on database.

Database Configuration Properties

  • database : is a key/value configuration consisting of:
  • database.url : database connection url in the format [jdbc:]postgresql://[user[:password]@]netloc[:port][/dbname][?param1=value1&...]
  • : Postgresql server host name
  • database.port : Postgresql server port
  • : Database name
  • database.username : Database login role
  • database.password : Database login password
  • database.connection_timeout : Connection timeout option in seconds


There is several possibility to configure external database:

  1. From a single connection url

    • With CDK_DATABASE_URL environment variable.
    • With database.url configuration field. In either cases, this connection url is using a standard PostgreSQL url in the format [jdbc:]postgresql://[user[:password]@]netloc[:port][/dbname][?param1=value1&...]
  2. From decomposed configuration fields

host: 'host'
port: 5432
name: 'database'
username: 'user'
password: 'password'
connection_timeout: 30 # in seconds

Example :

docker run \
-e CDK_DATABASE_URL="postgresql://user:password@host:5432/database" \

Note 1 : If all connection url AND decomposed configuration fields are provided, the decomposed configuration fields take priority.

Note 2 : If an invalid connection url or some mandatory configuration fields (host, username and name) are missing, conduktor-platform will crash with meaningful error message.

Note 3 : Before 1.2.0 EMBEDDED_POSTGRES=false was mandatory to enable external postgresql configuration. If no external database is configured either from url or decompose fields, platform will start using embedded database.