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The Conduktor Console is a powerful UI for Apache Kafka. The Console equips users with functionality to support many tasks pertaining to Kafka. The Console’s capabilities are divided into three main areas:



The Conduktor Console presents all of your topics, schemas, consumer groups, and connectors in an easy-to-understand and centralized UI.

Key features relating to exploration are:

  • Discover topics, schemas, consumer groups and connectors
  • Deep-dive to find messages via:
    • Quick-search
    • JS filters
  • Review topic configurations
  • Review schemas and version history
  • Search consumer groups
  • Understand consumer groups and topic-partition lag
  • Search connect instances and associated tasks


Key features relating to Kafka operations are:

  • Create, Edit, Empty and Delete topics
  • Produce to a topic
  • Create and update schemas
  • Compare schema versions
  • Reset consumer group offsets
  • Create, pause, restart and delete Kafka connect instances
  • Reprocess messages


Key features relation to troubleshooting Kafka include:

  • Surfacing errors relating to failed Connect tasks
  • Highlighting consumer group lag
  • Checking the compatibility of schema changes