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Consume Overview

Console enables you to view messages in your Kafka Topics.

In the example screenshot below, the topic wikipedia.parsed is selected.

After selecting a topic, you can format the message to keep only the fields you need, filter your records according to multiple criteria, and also manually decide on the deserialisation formats for the messages key and value.

Format Data

Message DateTime


Note that the date and time shown on Console are taken from the local timezone of the user.

For example, if you are producing a message from Dublin, Ireland Time (UTC+1) at 14:57:38 local , and you then consume this message from your browser (in Dublin), you will see 14:57:38.

However, if another user consumes the same message in Console but from Paris (France Time (UTC+2)), they will see 15:57:38.

Please be aware that this isnt a mistake from Kafka itself, you are simply seeing messages displayed in your local timezone.