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Produce Data

Conduktor Platform can help you to send messages into your topic. It's a useful feature for testing something without having to write a complete application.


Conduktor supports common Kafka serializers to produce data:

  • String or JSON
  • Avro, Protobuf and JSON-Schema
  • Binary (using b64 representation)

Random Data Generator

The Random Data Generator will quickly let you produce a valid sample message for your serializer. Just click the Generate once button next to the Serializer dropdown.

Random Data Generator supports all Serializers, and is possible for records Key and record Value.


Flow mode

Using the Flow mode, you can produce multiple events in a row.

In the following example, the producer is configured like this:

  • Produce 1 messages per batch
  • Reuse the same Key for all records
  • Generate a random Value (using the associated Serializer)

You also have options to configure the interval (ms) between each event, and the stop conditions such as the number of records produced or the elapsed time (ms)