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Open Source Security

This page covers the basic security available the open source version of Conduktor Gateway.

Jump to Enterprise Security for the Enterprise security.


There are two sets of configuration to consider when securing your gateway.

  • The connection between Kafka clients and the gateway
  • The connection between the gateway and the Kafka cluster


Kafka client to Conduktor Gateway security configuration

The connections to gateway from Kafka clients can be secured by a simple user id and password configuration. The traffic can also be encrypted using TLS.

The authenticationConfig stanza in the application.yaml defines the security configuration.

The authenticatorType specifies the authentication type for clients connecting to the gateway. The value can be one of:

  • NONE (unencrypted connection, no authentication)
  • SSL (tls encrypted connection, no authentication)
  • SASL_PLAINTEXT (unencrypted connection, userid and password based authentication)
  • SASL_SSL (tls encrypted connection, userid and password based authentication)

The sslConfig stanza defines the SSL configuration and is required if an option that specifies an encrypted connection has been defined in the authenticatorType (e.g. SSL).

The userPool defines the list of user name and password pairs for users connecting to the gateway, and is required if an option that specifies userid and password authentication has been defined in authenticatorType (e.g. SASL).


authenticatorType: SASL_SSL
updateContextIntervalMinutes: the duration in minutes between checks for for SSL context changes (minimum 1)
keyStorePath: path to a SSL keystore
keyStorePassword: the keystore password
keyPassword: the key password
keyStoreType: the keystore type (jks)
updateIntervalMsecs: the interval to check for keystore changes e.g. 600000
- username: The username
password: The password for this username
- username: Other username
password: The password for the other username

Conduktor Gateway to Kafka cluster configuration

The configuration for connecting to the Kafka cluster is a standard Kafka configuration file.

This means that the Conduktor Gateway can connect to any Kafka cluster that a standard Kafka application can connect to.

Gateway configuration is set in a kafka.config properties file, the location of which is configured by your gateway configuration file.

A default gateway configuration file can be found at <GATEWAY_DOWNLOAD_LOCATION>/gateway-core/config/application.yaml

The location of the Kafka properties file used to connect to the backing Kafka cluster is set by the kafkaSelector section in the yaml file:

type: file
path: gateway-core/config/kafka.config

To update the connection details, edit the kafka.config file with the connection information of the Kafka cluster you wish to connect to, this is a Java style connection.

For example, to connect to our Conduktor Free Kafka Playground use the credentials that can be found -> Admin -> Clusters -> Select Cluster -> Advanced Properties where you can find configuration similar to:
sasl.mechanism=PLAIN required username='<USERNAME>' password='<JWT.TOKEN.STRING>';


Or, to connect to a Confluent Cloud instance use configuration similar to:
security.protocol=SASL_SSL required username='{{ CLUSTER_API_KEY }}' password='{{ CLUSTER_API_SECRET }}';

Conduktor Console is able to produce a copy paste example for most connections within the cluster config Advanced properties section if you are having trouble finding this for your own setup.