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Deployment on AWS CloudFormation

Getting started

This guide will demonstrate how to use AWS CloudFormation to deploy Console in your AWS environment with all mandatory dependencies. It will deploy Conduktor as a Docker container on an ECS service with Fargate and configure it alongside a PostgreSQL database via RDS.


While this guide will help you get started, you may need to make additional configurations to ensure your deployment is production-ready.

The process should take no more than 15 - 30 minutes.


This template will create all the resources on a public subnet. However, the DB instance is available on private and public subnets. It is important to keep this in mind when using it.

Networking & Architecture

AWS Deployment

Deployment Steps

  1. Go to https://<region>

  2. Click on "Create stack" button and choose the "With new resources" option.

    Alt Cloudformation

  3. Choose the following options.

    Alt Cloudformation

  4. Upload one of our templates:

    Decide if you want to deploy Console using your own resources (cluster, DB, etc.) or if you want us to deploy all resource dependencies alongside Console as well.

    To deploy Console only, you can use the following template:

    To deploy Console and all resources needed (e.g. DB), you can use the following template:

  5. Click "next".

  6. Give your stack a name and define/ review the parameters.

    • If you have chosen the CDK-lite-template, then you will have to supply the following values before you can continue.
    SubnetThe ARN of the subnet you want to deploy your ECS service on.
    SecurityGroupThe Security group that will have access to your ECS service.
    ClusterArnThe ARN of the cluster you want to deploy your ECS service on.
    DatabaseEndpointThe endpoint of your DB instance.
    DatabaseNameThe name of your DB instance.
    DatabaseUsernameThe username for the above DB instance.
    DatabasePasswordThe password for the above DB instance.

    Alt Config

    • If you have chosen the CDK-Full-template, then you won't have to supply any parameter values, but you may override the default ones.

    Note the default value for the region is specified in the template as eu-west-1a (public subnet) and eu-west-1b (private subnet), if you are deploying in a different region you must update these values.

    Alt Config

  7. Click "next".

  8. Acknowledge the tick box. This will ensure we have the right permissions to access our ECS instance!

    Alt Tickbox

  9. Click "submit".

  10. Wait for all resources to be created. This may take some time!

  11. From the "Resources" tab, click on conduktor-ecs then navigate to your newly created Service and then Task.

    Alt Cluster Alt Service Alt Task

  12. Find the conduktor-console Container and navigate to the Network bindings tab.

    AWS Guide Breadcrumb

  13. Click on the External link to open the Console application.

    AWS Guide Network Bindings

    In our example, our application is running at

Access Conduktor

You can now log in as admin with the credentials previously defined in the environment variables:

  • e.g. / admin

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