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Deployment on AWS

Getting started

This blog contains all the information you should need to configure and deploy Conduktor Console on AWS with MSK.

Resources required

  • An S3 bucket to store our configuration files.
  • An ECR repository to store our final Docker image.
  • A CodeBuild project to build that Docker image.
  • An IAM role and policy to allow CodeBuild to perform the build.


Note that IAM credentials are stored in S3 and on EFS/EBS. Permissions limiting access to these should be applied.

Networking & Architecture

AWS Deployment

Use AWS RDS / Aurora as database

Only available starting at version 1.17.0 of the Console

If you want to use AWS RDS or AWS Aurora as database, please take in consideration the following:

  • Console will not work with all Postgresql engines within RDS, it will only work with engine version 14.8 / 15.3, other versions are not fully supported.
  • Console configuration through our onboarding interface won't work, users should configure the console either with a yaml file or with environment variables.