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Conduktor Cloud

Use our managed cloud service to get started with Conduktor in just a few minutes. The below guide will show you how to sign up and configure your first cluster.

Sign Up

Configure Your First Cluster

Once you have created your organization, you will land on the Welcome screen.

In the top-left of the screen, use the solution switcher to navigate to the Admin section.

Home Screen


By default, only administrators can configure clusters for your organization.

From the Admin section, navigate to the Clusters tab.


Select Create cluster to configure your first cluster.

You will be required to input the following information:

  • Cluster name: This will enable you to reference your cluster when using Conduktor
  • Bootstrap servers: The list of host and port pairs used to establish the initial connection to the Kafka cluster
  • Authentication method: The mechanism and properties required to authenticate your connection
  • Additional properties: Additional properties that you would usually provide your CLI or Java clients. This is especially important if you have a secure Kafka cluster.

To learn more about configuring SSL clusters, read our dedicated guide on adding certificates in the UI.

Use the Test connection button to validate your cluster is reachable.


Once you have successfully configured your cluster, head to the Console to start exploring your Kafka data.