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What is Conduktor Proxy?

Kafka with a boost

Conduktor Proxy will improve and extend your Kafka environment. We give you the functionality that is currently lacking from your Apache Kafka deployment. Enjoy features such as:

  • multi-tenancy
  • chaos engineering
  • encryption

All without any changes to your existing Kafka deployment.

Try Conduktor Proxy today via the conduktor proxy demos.

Proxy Overview

Conduktor Proxy sits between your Kafka deployment and the clients it serves. By having a complete view over all the traffic in and out of the cluster, Conduktor Proxy can provide insights that are not available anywhere else.

Conduktor proxy is 100% compatible with the Apache Kafka wire protocol. This means that it can analyse, react to and modify client interactions to provide a fuller data streaming experience. You can explore more of the features of Conduktor Proxy here

Curious about how Conduktor Proxy can help you? Arrange a technical demo today

Getting Started

To start your Conduktor Proxy journey review installation options here