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Building Tests

Tests are used to validate that your applications that integrate Apache Kafka are working as expected.

Below outlines the basic terminology and entities that relate to test scenarios.

Test Suite

  • Suites represent a collection of test scenarios that are logically grouped together. We recommend organizing your test suites by feature, service, or a specific domain.
  • See Test Suites for more information.

Test Scenario

  • Scenarios represent a graph of tasks used to validate some functionality in your application, pipeline, or service.
  • See Test Scenarios for more information.


  • Tasks are the building blocks that make up a test scenario. One task may represent producing data to Kafka, and another task may represent consuming from Kafka.
  • See Tasks for more information.

Test Check

  • Boolean expressions used to validate a statement about the target under test. They execute against some data and return either a pass/fail result.
  • See Test Checks for more information.