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Producer Task

Use the Producer task to produce data to a Kafka topic.

You can produce data to Kafka in multiple ways.

Single RecordProduce a single message to a Kafka topic
Batch (Chunk Size)Produce a batch (chunk) of messages to a Kafka topic
StreamProduce an automated stream of messages with configurable timer options.
Stream & BatchProduce an automated stream of batched messages with configurable timer options.

Serialization support

When you produce data to Kafka you must specify the serialization format for the record keys and values.

Currently supported SerDes formats:

  • String
  • JSON
  • Long
  • Float
  • Double
  • Bytes (base64)
  • Avro (Custom)
  • Avro (Schema Registry)
  • Protobuf (Schema Registry)
  • JSON (Schema Registry)
  • MessagePack

Create a simple producer task

When inside the editor for a new scenario, select the Scenario Start button and select Producer from the dropdown menu.

Give your task an appropriate name, and select the Cluster and Topic that you want to produce data to. If you do not have a Cluster configured, add one first.

Pro Tip! After selecting a Cluster and Topic, use Topic Preview to fetch the latest records from your topic.

Navigate to the Data tab to define the data you wish to produce to your Kafka topic.

Select the Key format and enter a key value (or leave it null).

Select the Value format (for example, JSON) and enter your message value.

Select Save once you have configured your message.

Your task will now be visible on the scenario canvas.

Adding headers as metadata

When producing data to Kafka, you can add headers to your message.

This can be useful if data is constantly being produced into your topic, and you want to identify messages produced via Conduktor Testing specifically.

From the Data tab of a Producer task, scroll down to the Headers section. Add your properties as key and value pairs using this module.

Read more about how to use header filters in Consumer Tasks.

Create an advanced producer task

There are additional, advanced options for producing data with special conditions.

In this example, we will demonstrate how to produce a stream of randomly generated messages.

Add a Producer task to a new scenario and navigate to the Data tab.

Define the message value as String, and toggle the Generate random data switch.

Use the conditions:

  • Charset: Alphanumeric
  • Length: 10 to 20

Next, scroll down and toggle the Stream messages button to activate streaming.

  • Under Timer Options, enter an Interval (ms) value of 1000
  • Under Stop Conditions, enter the value 10
Under these conditions, our task will produce a record to Kafka every second until 10 records have been produced.

Additional producer options

There are additional, advanced options available under the Options heading.

Force partitionForce producing data to a specific partition
CompressionCompress the Kafka messages configured in your Producer task. Compression types available: - none - gzip - snappy - lz4 - zstd
IdempotenceThe producer will ensure that exactly one copy of each message is written in the stream
AcksDenotes the brokers that must receive the record before the write is considered successful. Options: - none - leader - all

Continue to read more about Consumer tasks.

Load CSV data into Kafka

You can use the Load CSV task chained with a Producer task to load data from a CSV file into Kafka.

Check out our walkthrough here