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Task Ports

When you add a task to a scenario, you will notice there are ports which can be used for chaining tasks together. Depending on the task, you will have different ports available.

The ports act as event triggers that behave in different ways.

Task TypePortDefinition
Producer / ConsumerENDChained tasks will be triggered once, when the entire task has finished executing. For example, tasks chained to the END port of a Producer that's producing 10 messages will only be executed once (when all 10 messages have been produced).
Producer / ConsumerON RECORDChained tasks will be executed for each record that's either produced or consumed. For example, a task chained to the ON RECORD port of a Consumer that's consuming 10 messages will be executed 10 times (for each record).
HTTPON RESPONSEChained tasks will be executed after the HTTP response has been received.
VariablesVARIABLESChained tasks will be executed after the variable condition has been set.