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The DSL (Domain-specific language) is a specialized language enabling rapid test declaration and version control of your Test Scenarios.

When you use the Testing UI, it's possible to toggle between the visual and code-wise representation of a test.

Additionally, it's possible to export the DSL behind a test scenario, and version control it in a system like Github. You can also import the DSL from a file, and create a test scenario from it.


Below shows an example of a simple Test Scenario that:

  • Produces a Hello World message to a Kafka topic
  • Consumes the message
  • Checks the data of the consumed record
version: '0.1'
name: My first scenario
type: KafkaProducer
name: Produce
ref: gcfj
cluster: wStRZX75LWa1VBRdNkwPs3
type: Plain
value: pageviews_topic
type: Plain
value: Hello World
keyFormat: String
valueFormat: String
- Conduktor Testing
acks: All
idempotent: false
properties: '5000'
checks: []
operator: ALL
type: ListCheck
type: KafkaConsumer
name: Consume
ref: 9Gaz
cluster: wStRZX75LWa1VBRdNkwPs3
type: Plain
value: pageviews_topic
keyFormat: String
valueFormat: String
type: Header
operator: Equals
value: Conduktor Testing
negate: false
- left:
type: Jq
value: .record.value
type: Plain
value: Hello World
operator: EQUALS
modifiers: {}
type: StringComparator
operator: ALL
type: ListCheck
consumedRecords: 1
elapsedMillis: 60000
- task: Produce
startsOn: scenarioStart
- task: Consume
startsOn: scenarioStart

Toggling the DSL view

When using Conduktor Testing, you can switch between the visual representation and the DSL in multiple ways.

You can switch at a:

  • Task level
  • Scenario level

Task Level DSL

When in edit mode for a Task, use the DSL View button to switch to the code-wise representation of your task.

After switching the view, you will see the DSL representation of the currently selected task. If preferable, you can edit the task via the DSL editor.

Scenario Level DSL

To see your entire test scenario represented via the DSL, access the DSL tab from the editor view.

You can edit the scenario DSL in this view, and also export it if you wish to store it elsewhere.

Restore a DSL version

If you have made changes to your test scenario, but want to rollback to a previous version, it's possible to do this from the DSL tab.

When in the DSL view for a test scenario, select the previous version from the version history.

Note you will see a diff comparing the current version against your previously selected version.

To rollback to a previous version, select Restore version from the diff comparison view.

Import DSL as a new test scenario

If you prefer to declare tests utilising the DSL, you may want to import a scenario so that:

  • It's visually represented inside the UI
  • You can export the CI configuration for automation

From within a Test Suite, select the Import from DSL option.

In the DSL import modal, either paste your code into the editor, or upload from a file.