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Workspaces are used to organise objects such as clusters, environments, test suites, and test scenarios. They can be personal or units of collaboration (for example, a team workspace).

Create a New Workspace

If you are creating your first workspace, use the Create New Workspace button when you land inside the Testing application.

Give your workspace an appropriate name. For example, your team name if you plan to collaborate with others.

Within your organisation, it's possible to create multiple workspaces.

To do this, select the active workspace from the left-side navigation menu. Use the Create New Workspace button to create additional workspaces.

Workspace Settings

Navigate to the Home tab and select Workspace Settings to edit your workspace settings.

From within the Workspace Settings, you have the option to:

  • Rename your workspace
  • Assign your workspace a new color
  • Delete your workspace (careful, this action cannot be undone!)