Licenses & Activations

Licenses and Pricing

You can find a list of all the licenses on the pricing page at

Free Users

Upon starting Conduktor, you will be on the free plan.

The free plan allows you to use Conduktor and all its features with at most one broker.

14 Days Free Trial

When you first register to Conduktor with a new email address, we will automatically start activating a 14-days free tier for you of the full Professional license. This will allow you to try out all features of Conduktor and see if the product is the right now for you and your team

Developer / Professional License

When you purchase a license through our pricing page, you will be registering an email address and that email address will be the one you will have to use with Conduktor when you log in.

After upgrading to a new license, please log-out & then log-in to Conduktor.

Enterprise License

With an enterprise license, you will have the possibility of giving us a list of email address to activate for Conduktor, or link a whole domain name * with a dynamic list of users.

After upgrading to a new license, please log-out & then log-in to Conduktor.

Please contact us for inquiries on the Enterprise license.

Enterprise Floating License

With Enterprises, it's also possible to have a pool of dynamic licenses (seats) every month. There are automatically claimed for the current month when a user from your domain logs in. It's particularly useful when you don't exactly know who many users will need Conduktor, or when your workforce is changing.

On a specific month, if you have more users logging in than your number of seats, then they will fallback upon the "free" mode, because no more seats are available, they must wait for the next month (or your company must resize its pool, contact our support to do that).

I have a license but I'm in "free" mode, why?

Two situations may arise:

  • You have a classic fixed license (personal or via your company):

Don't worry, we didn't forget your license. Conduktor's licenses are personal and limited to one user/machine by default. We have to be sure that you don't share your account credentials with your whole team or your whole company, that would not be fair to us 😢 (and could be considered as a license violation).

We don't want to lock you out from Conduktor if you do this "by accident" or if you've changed your machine, therefore we simply fallback you to the free mode of Conduktor (all features are still available, but only with a local broker). According to which version of Conduktor you're using, you may also see clearly "Too many activations" on the login screen.

Feel free to contact us asap to resolve your case and remove your old machine identifications for instance.

  • Your company has floating licenses:

all the monthly seats of my company are already claimed for the current month

Your company bought a certain number of monthly licenses (seats). If the current month is fully taken by your coworkers, you'll end up in the free mode for the month and you'll see "No seats available" on your login screen. Contact your technical administrator, your company may have to update its subscription to add more seats.