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Chaos Simulate Slow Broker

This interceptor simulates slow responses from brokers.

This demo will run you through some of these use cases step-by-step.

View the full demo in realtime

You can either follow all the steps manually, or watch the recording

Review the docker compose environment

As can be seen from docker-compose.yaml the demo environment consists of the following services:

  • gateway1
  • gateway2
  • kafka-client
  • kafka1
  • kafka2
  • kafka3
  • schema-registry
  • zookeeper
cat docker-compose.yaml

Starting the docker environment

Start all your docker processes, wait for them to be up and ready, then run in background

  • --wait: Wait for services to be running|healthy. Implies detached mode.
  • --detach: Detached mode: Run containers in the background
docker compose up --detach --wait

Creating virtual cluster teamA

Creating virtual cluster teamA on gateway gateway1 and reviewing the configuration file to access it

# Generate virtual cluster teamA with service account sa
token=$(curl \
--request POST "http://localhost:8888/admin/vclusters/v1/vcluster/teamA/username/sa" \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--user 'admin:conduktor' \
--silent \
--data-raw '{"lifeTimeSeconds": 7776000}' | jq -r ".token")

# Create access file
echo """
sasl.mechanism=PLAIN required username='sa' password='$token';
""" >

# Review file

Creating topic slow-topic on teamA

Creating on teamA:

  • Topic slow-topic with partitions:1 and replication-factor:1
kafka-topics \
--bootstrap-server localhost:6969 \
--command-config \
--replication-factor 1 \
--partitions 1 \
--create --if-not-exists \
--topic slow-topic

Adding interceptor simulate-slow-broker

Let's create the interceptor against the virtual cluster teamA, instructing Conduktor Gateway to simulate slow responses from brokers.

cat step-07-simulate-slow-broker.json | jq

curl \
--request POST "http://localhost:8888/admin/interceptors/v1/vcluster/teamA/interceptor/simulate-slow-broker" \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--user 'admin:conduktor' \
--silent \
--data @step-07-simulate-slow-broker.json | jq

Listing interceptors for teamA

Listing interceptors on gateway1 for virtual cluster teamA

curl \
--request GET 'http://localhost:8888/admin/interceptors/v1/vcluster/teamA' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--user 'admin:conduktor' \
--silent | jq

Let's produce some records to our created topic

This should produce output similar to this:

11 records sent, 2,1 records/sec (0,00 MB/sec), 2683,6 ms avg latency, 4303,0 ms max latency.
64 records sent, 11,2 records/sec (0,00 MB/sec), 3067,1 ms avg latency, 4210,0 ms max latency.
100 records sent, 7,738141 records/sec (0,00 MB/sec), 3022,77 ms avg latency, 4303,00 ms max latency, 2960 ms 50th, 3902 ms 95th, 4303 ms 99th, 4303 ms 99.9th.
kafka-producer-perf-test \
--producer.config \
--record-size 10 \
--throughput 1 \
--num-records 10 \
--topic slow-topic

Tearing down the docker environment

Remove all your docker processes and associated volumes

  • --volumes: Remove named volumes declared in the "volumes" section of the Compose file and anonymous volumes attached to containers.
docker compose down --volumes


Yes, Chaos Simulate Slow Broker is simple as it!