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Chaos Simulate Leader Election Errors

This interceptor simulates a leader election on partitions being produced to through Conduktor Gateway

This demo will run you through some of these use cases step-by-step.

View the full demo in realtime

You can either follow all the steps manually, or watch the recording

Review the docker compose environment

As can be seen from docker-compose.yaml the demo environment consists of the following services:

  • gateway1
  • gateway2
  • kafka-client
  • kafka1
  • kafka2
  • kafka3
  • schema-registry
  • zookeeper
cat docker-compose.yaml

Starting the docker environment

Start all your docker processes, wait for them to be up and ready, then run in background

  • --wait: Wait for services to be running|healthy. Implies detached mode.
  • --detach: Detached mode: Run containers in the background
docker compose up --detach --wait

Creating virtual cluster teamA

Creating virtual cluster teamA on gateway gateway1 and reviewing the configuration file to access it

# Generate virtual cluster teamA with service account sa
token=$(curl \
--request POST "http://localhost:8888/admin/vclusters/v1/vcluster/teamA/username/sa" \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--user 'admin:conduktor' \
--silent \
--data-raw '{"lifeTimeSeconds": 7776000}' | jq -r ".token")

# Create access file
echo """
sasl.mechanism=PLAIN required username='sa' password='$token';
""" >

# Review file

Creating topic my-topic on teamA

Creating on teamA:

  • Topic my-topic with partitions:1 and replication-factor:1
kafka-topics \
--bootstrap-server localhost:6969 \
--command-config \
--replication-factor 1 \
--partitions 1 \
--create --if-not-exists \
--topic my-topic

Adding interceptor simulate-leader-elections-errors

Let's create the interceptor against the virtual cluster teamA, instructing Conduktor Gateway to simulate a leader election on partitions being produced to through Conduktor Gateway.

cat step-07-simulate-leader-elections-errors.json | jq

curl \
--request POST "http://localhost:8888/admin/interceptors/v1/vcluster/teamA/interceptor/simulate-leader-elections-errors" \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--user 'admin:conduktor' \
--silent \
--data @step-07-simulate-leader-elections-errors.json | jq

Listing interceptors for teamA

Listing interceptors on gateway1 for virtual cluster teamA

curl \
--request GET 'http://localhost:8888/admin/interceptors/v1/vcluster/teamA' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--user 'admin:conduktor' \
--silent | jq

Let's produce some records to our created topic.

This should produce output similar to this:

[2023-12-18 12:58:57,041] WARN [Producer clientId=producer-1] Got error produce response with correlation id 25 on topic-partition my-topic-0, retrying (2147483646 attempts left). Error: NOT_LEADER_OR_FOLLOWER (org.apache.kafka.clients.producer.internals.Sender)
[2023-12-18 12:58:57,041] WARN [Producer clientId=producer-1] Received invalid metadata error in produce request on partition my-topic-0 due to org.apache.kafka.common.errors.NotLeaderOrFollowerException: For requests intended only for the leader, this error indicates that the broker is not the current leader. For requests intended for any replica, this error indicates that the broker is not a replica of the topic partition.. Going to request metadata update now (org.apache.kafka.clients.producer.internals.Sender)
kafka-producer-perf-test \
--producer-props bootstrap.servers=localhost:6969 \
--producer.config \
--record-size 10 \
--throughput 1 \
--producer-prop retries=5 \
--num-records 10 \
--topic my-topic

Tearing down the docker environment

Remove all your docker processes and associated volumes

  • --volumes: Remove named volumes declared in the "volumes" section of the Compose file and anonymous volumes attached to containers.
docker compose down --volumes


Yes, Chaos Leader Election Errors is simple as it!