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Dynamic Header Injection


Conduktor Gateway's dynamic header injection feature injects headers (such as user ip) to the messages as they are produced through the gateway.

We support templating such as X-CLIENT_IP: "{{userIp}} testing"

Here are the values we can expand

  • uuid
  • userIp
  • vcluster
  • user
  • clientId
  • gatewayIp
  • gatewayHost
  • gatewayVersion
  • apiKey
  • apiKeyVersion
  • timestampMillis


topicStringRegular expression that matches topics from your produce request
headersMapMap of header key and header value will be injected, with the header value we can use {{userIp}} for the user ip information we want to be injected
overrideIfExistsbooleanDefault false, configuration to override header on already exist


"name": "myDynamicHeaderInjectionInterceptor",
"pluginClass": "io.conduktor.gateway.interceptor.DynamicHeaderInjectionPlugin",
"priority": 100,
"config": {
"topic": "topic.*",
"headers": {
"X-CLIENT_IP": "{{userIp}} testing"
"overrideIfExists": true

Let's produce a simple record to the injectHeaderTopic topic.

echo 'inject_header' | docker-compose exec -T kafka-client \
kafka-console-producer \
--bootstrap-server conduktor-gateway:6969 \
--producer.config /clientConfig/ \
--topic injectHeaderTopic

Let's consume from our injectHeaderTopic.

docker-compose exec kafka-client \
kafka-console-consumer \
--bootstrap-server conduktor-gateway:6969 \
--consumer.config /clientConfig/ \
--topic injectHeaderTopic \
--from-beginning \
--max-messages 1 \
--property print.headers=true

You should see the message with headers as below

X-USER_IP: testing   inject_header