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What is data quality producer policy ?

Conduktor Gateway's data quality producer policy feature uses a SQL like language to assert data quality before being produced, based on a simple SQL statement in the form.

price as amount,
WHEN color = 'red' AND price > 1000 THEN 'Exceptional'
WHEN price > 8000 THEN 'Luxury'
ELSE 'Regular'
END as quality,
record.offset as record_offset,
record.partition as record_partition
FROM cars

SELECT [list of fields] FROM [topic name] WHERE [field filter criteria]


  • With filter records based on more than one condition, only AND operator current supported
  • Predicates are currently supported: =, >, >=, <, <=, <> and REGEXP (RegExp MySQL Operator)
  • Support Case Expression
  • Filtered by:
    • Record key (It supports SR):
      • Record key as string: - .. WHERE record.key = 'some thing'
      • Record key as schema: .. WHERE record.key.someValue.someChildValue = 'some thing'
    • Record value (It supports SR): .. WHERE $.someValue.someChildValue = 'some thing'
    • Partition: .. WHERE record.partition = 1
    • Timestamp: .. WHERE record.timestamp = 98717823712
    • Header: .. WHERE record.header.someHeaderKey = 'some thing'
    • Offset: .. WHERE record.offset = 1


statementStringSQL Statement
schemaRegistryConfigSchema RegistrySchema Registry Config
actionActionData quality producer action
deadLetterTopicStringDead letter topic.
addErrorHeaderboolean (default true)Add or not add the error information headers into dead letter topic

Schema Registry

hostStringUrl of schema registry
cacheSizeString50This interceptor caches schemas locally so that it doesn't have to query the schema registry
additionalConfigsmapAdditional properties maps to specific security related parameters. For enhanced security, you can use the template ${MY_ENV_VAR} in map values, then define their actual values in the environmental config variables of Gateway. (eg: -e MY_ENV_VAR=someValue)

See more about schema registry here


BLOCK_WHOLE_BATCHIf one message is invalid, block the whole batch
BLOCK_ONLY_INVALID_RECORDSIf one message is invalid, block only the invalid message (all other messages in the batch are saved in kafka)
AUDIT_LOG_ONLYIf messages are invalid, audit log only (all messages still are saved in kafka)


"name": "myDataQualityProducerPlugin",
"pluginClass": "io.conduktor.gateway.interceptor.safeguard.DataQualityProducerPlugin",
"priority": 100,
"config": {
"statement": "SELECT * FROM users WHERE age > 18",
"schemaRegistryConfig": {
"host": "http://schema-registry:8081"
"action": "BLOCK_WHOLE_BATCH",
"deadLetterTopic": "dead-letter-topic",
"addErrorHeader": false