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Alter Broker Config Policy


The alter broker config policy interceptor will impose limits on configuration changes to ensure that any configuration changed in the cluster adhere to the configured specification.

The full list of Kafka configurations that this interceptor protects is:

  • log.retention.bytes
  • log.segment.bytes

What happens when sending an invalid request

Any request that doesn't match the interceptor's configuration will be blocked and return the corresponding error message.

For example: you want to change the configuration = 10000, but the interceptor is being configured minLogRetentionMs=60000.

When you send that request to the cluster, the following error is returned:

org.apache.kafka.common.errors.PolicyViolationException: Request parameters do not satisfy the configured policy. is '1', must not be less than '10'


The configuration table now includes the updated structure for the configuration values.

blacklistBlackListBlacklist of properties which cannot be changed
logRetentionBytesLongConfiguration for log.retention.bytes
logRetentionMsLongConfiguration for
logSegmentBytesLongConfiguration for log.segment.bytes


valuesSet[String]A set of string that contains properties that cannot be changed
actionActionAction to take if the value is outside the specified range.


mindoubleMinimum value for the configuration.
maxdoubleMaximum value for the configuration.
actionActionAction to take if the value is outside the specified range.
overrideValuedoubleValue to override with (only applicable when action is set to OVERRIDE).


  • BLOCK → when fail, save in audit and return error.
  • INFO → execute API with wrong value, save in audit.
  • OVERRIDE → execute API with overrideValue values, save in audit the fact that we updated on the fly (with wrong value, and the one we used to fix them).


"name": "myAlterBrokerConfigPolicy",
"pluginClass": "io.conduktor.gateway.interceptor.safeguard.AlterBrokerConfigPolicyPlugin",
"priority": 100,
"config": {
"logRetentionBytes": {
"min": 10,
"max": 100,
"action": "BLOCK"
"logRetentionMs": {
"min": 10,
"max": 100,
"action": "OVERRIDE",
"overrideValue": 20
"logSegmentBytes": {
"min": 10,
"max": 100,
"action": "INFO"