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Conduktor Console log configuration

Log configuration environment variables

Console-wide log configuration

To configure Conduktor Console logs globally, you can use the following environment variables:

Environment VariableDefault value
CDK_ROOT_LOG_LEVELINFOGlobal Console log level, one of OFF, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG
CDK_ROOT_LOG_COLORtrueEnable color in logs when possible

For backward compatibility, CDK_DEBUG: true is still supported, and is equivalent to CDK_ROOT_LOG_LEVEL: DEBUG.

Per module log configuration

To configure Conduktor Console logs on a per-module basis, you can use the environment variables detailed below.

Possible values for all of them are: OFF, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, and TRACE.

Environment VariableDefault valueDescription
PLATFORM_STARTUP_LOG_LEVELINFOSet the setup/configuration process logs level. By default, it is set to INFO, but switches to DEBUG if CDK_ROOT_LOG_LEVEL: DEBUG.
CONSOLE_ROOT_LOG_LEVELCDK_ROOT_LOG_LEVELLogs related to any actions done in the Console UI
PLATFORM_API_ROOT_LOG_LEVELCDK_ROOT_LOG_LEVELInternal platform API logs (health endpoints)

Log level inheritance

If you don't explicitly set the log level for a module, it will inherit the CDK_ROOT_LOG_LEVEL.

For instance, if you only set


Then, CONSOLE_ROOT_LOG_LEVEL will be automatically set to DEBUG.

Similarly, if you set:


Then, CONSOLE_ROOT_LOG_LEVEL will still be set to DEBUG, and isn't overridden.

Fine-tuning log configuration with configuration file

If you want to further customize your logging at an individual logger-level, you can use a per-module logback configuration file.

By default, all logback configuration files are located in /opt/conduktor/loggers/ directory with READ-ONLY permissions.

At startup, the Console will copy all (missing) logback configuration files from /opt/conduktor/loggers/ to /var/conduktor/configs/loggers/ directory with READ-WRITE permissions.

Because all logback configuration files are set to reload themselves every 15 seconds, you can then edit logback configuration files inside the container volume in the /var/conduktor/configs/loggers/ directory, to tune log level per logger.

All logback configuration files declare some expected appenders named :

Appender nameDescription
STDOUTAppender that writes logs to stdout
STDOUT_COLORAppender that writes logs to stdout with color
ASYNC_STDOUTAppender that writes logs to stdout asynchronously
ASYNC_STDOUT_COLORAppender that writes logs to stdout asynchronously with color

They also use environment variables defined here to set their root log level.

Structured logging (JSON)

Currently, Console does not support structured logging (JSON), but it is planned for a future release.