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Welcome to Conduktor Console!

Console is split in 4 sections

  • Kafka Resources lets you access and manage your Kafka Cluster resources. From there you can Explore Topics, Reset Consumer Offsets, Manage ACLs, Deploy Connectors, and so on... Each page starts with a highly customizable table to provide you with the information you need for each resource type. You can sort, filter, hide/show columns and paginate as you wish.
  • Monitoring gives you real-time statistics and health state about the 3 main resources in Kafka. The Kafka Cluster itself, the topics, and the consumer groups. You can create Alerts to notify you based on the metrics we collect for you
  • Self-service is our expert's take on how we believe you should use Kafka in your organization. We provide you with an opinionated way on how to solve some of the most recurring problems associated with working with Kafka at scale. On the menu: Ownership of resources, Access Request management, Topic Catalog, Governance Policies, and much more!
  • Settings is where you can add your Kafka Clusters to make them accessible to your users. This is also where you can configure detailed permissions for your users and groups, edit your masking policies, set up your external integrations, and review audit logs, among other things.