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RedHat Apicurio Schema Registry


This method is temporary as we plan to integrate with the Apicurio Serdes directly in Conduktor soon.

In order to successfully consume messages serialized with RedHat Apicurio Schema Registry, you first need to repackage the Apicurio deserializers into a single jar with all its dependencies. Here we'll use Coursier but feel free to use maven plugins if you prefer.

cs bootstrap io.apicurio:apicurio-registry-serdes-avro-serde:2.2.3.Final -M io.apicurio.registry.serde.avro.AvroKafkaDeserializer --assembly -o apicurio-registry-serdes-avro-serde-2.2.3.Final-with-dependancies.jar

We have also generated the fat jar for your convenience: apicurio-registry-serdes-avro-serde-2.2.3.Final-with-dependancies.jar

Now import this jar file in your cluster configuration and use the class AvroKafkaDeserializer in the Custom Format (Plugin) from the Consume screen.

# Minimum required config with RedHat Registry