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License Management

License installation

Conduktor requires a license to enable features beyond the base features. The license can be put in the environment variables (this is recommended), or into the platform-config.yaml file.

As an environment variable

In your docker compose, you can add the environment variable to specify your license key, like this: CDK_LICENSE="YOUR_LICENSE_HERE"

Into the configuration file

On a far left justified line provide a license configuration declaration. Example:


License verification

You have multiple ways to check that your license has been used to launch the Console.

In the logs

When you run the Console, you can find these meaningful logs in the head:

[ INFO  platform_cli::license::validator] Input configured license : Some("YOUR_LICENSE_HERE")
[ INFO platform_cli::license::validator] License is valid ! Remaining days : 365

With API

Since release 1.10.0 you can use the /platform/api/license endpoint to get the license details.

curl -s  http://localhost:8080/platform/api/license | jq .

Example of result:

"expire": 1669248000,
"organization": "conduktor",
"plan": "enterprise",
"version": 1,
"features": {
"admin.auditlog.enable": true,
"admin.enable": true,
"console.enable": true,
"datamasking.enable": true,
"monitoring.alerting.enable": true,
"monitoring.enable": true,
"platform.clusters.limit": 5,
"platform.rbac.enable": true,
"platform.sso.enable": true,
"testing.enable": true,
"": -1,
"topic.analyser.enable": true,
"governance.enable": true

Within the Conduktor Console container

You can get the same result as above from within the Conduktor Console container with the following command:

curl -s  http://localhost:3000/platform/api/license

In the UI

In the Admin section, you can find the Clusters tab where there is the information of how many clusters you can create in your Organization.

You can also check through the different tabs that you have access to all the products you're supposed to have access to.

Renew or install a new license

To renew or install a new license, change the license configuration in the platform-config.yaml file, or the CDK_LICENSE environment variable, depending on what you used. Then deploy the Conduktor Console container again.