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Database configuration

Conduktor requires a postgres database to store its state.


Until version 1.18, Conduktor supported an embedded database. This is deprecated from 1.18 onwards to ensure your Console deployment is production ready. Please contact support if you are having difficulty migrating.

Database requirements

  • PostgreSQL 13+
  • Provided connection role should have grant ALL PRIVILEGES on the configured database. Console should be able to create/update/delete schemas and tables on the database.
  • For your Postgres deployment please use at least 1-2 vCPU, 1 GB of Ram, and 10 GB of disk.

Database configuration properties

  • database : is a key/value configuration consisting of:
    • database.url : database connection url in the format [jdbc:]postgresql://[user[:password]@]netloc[:port][/dbname][?param1=value1&...]
    • : Postgresql server host name
    • database.port : Postgresql server port
    • : Database name
    • database.username : Database login role
    • database.password : Database login password
    • database.connection_timeout : Connection timeout option in seconds

SSL support

By default, Conduktor will try to connect to the database using SSL mode prefer. We plan to make this configurable in the future along with database certificate.

Use AWS RDS / Aurora as database

If you want to use AWS RDS or AWS Aurora as a database with Conduktor Console, please take into consideration the following:

Console will not work with all Postgresql engines within RDS, it will only work with engine versions 14.8+ / 15.3+, other versions are not fully supported.

The Console configuration through our onboarding interface won't work, users should configure the console either with a yaml file or with environment variables.


There are several options available when configuring an external database:

  1. From a single connection url

    • With the CDK_DATABASE_URL environment variable.
    • With the database.url configuration field. In either case, this connection url is using a standard PostgreSQL url in the format [jdbc:]postgresql://[user[:password]@]netloc[:port][/dbname][?param1=value1&...]
  2. From decomposed configuration fields

host: 'host'
port: 5432
name: 'database'
username: 'user'
password: 'password'
connection_timeout: 30 # in seconds

Example :

 docker run --rm \
-p "8080:8080" \
-e CDK_DATABASE_URL="postgresql://user:password@host:5432/database" \
-e LICENSE_KEY="<your-license>" \

Note 1 : If all connection urls AND decomposed configuration fields are provided, the decomposed configuration fields take priority.

Note 2 : If an invalid connection url or other mandatory configuration field (host, username and name) is missing, Conduktor will fail gracefully with a meaningful error message.

Note 3 : Before 1.2.0 EMBEDDED_POSTGRES=false was mandatory to enable external postgresql configuration.