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HTTPS Configuration

To configure Conduktor Platform to respond to HTTPS requests, you have to define a certificate and a private key. The server certificate is a public entity. It is sent to every client that connects to the server, and they should be provided as a PEM file.

Configuration properties are:

  • platform.https.cert.path or environment variable CDK_PLATFORM_HTTPS_CERT_PATH : path to server certificate file
  • platform.https.key.path or environment variable CDK_PLATFORM_HTTPS_KEY_PATH : path to server private key file

Note : Certificate and private key files don't need to be readable system-wide but they must allow read from user conduktor-platform (uid 10001 gid 0).

Example configuration using docker-compose

In this example server certificate and key are stored in files server.crt and server.key in the same directory as the docker-compose file.

version: '3.8'
image: conduktor/conduktor-platform:latest
- 8080:8080
- type: bind
source: ./server.crt
target: /opt/conduktor/certs/server.crt
read_only: true
- type: bind
source: ./server.key
target: /opt/conduktor/certs/server.key
read_only: true
CDK_PLATFORM_HTTPS_CERT_PATH: '/opt/conduktor/certs/server.crt'
CDK_PLATFORM_HTTPS_KEY_PATH: '/opt/conduktor/certs/server.key'