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Service Accounts / ACLs

Console enables you to manage service accounts and your Kafka ACLs.

What you see in the Service Accounts screen will depend on whether you have configured a Kafka provider such as Confluent or Aiven.

View Service Accounts and Manage ACLs

When viewing the Service Accounts screen, you will observe a powerful design that aggregates ACLs to principal granularity. This makes it possible to more easily understand all resource ACLs assigned to each service account.

Service Accounts

After selecting a service account, you can edit existing ACLs and add new resource ACLs. When you create new ACLs for a resource, you can:

  • Use preconfigured permissions (e.g. Consumer, Producer, Admin)
  • Manually define permissions

To manually edit permissions, select the operation and choose Allow, Deny or Not Set.

Console ACLs

Provider Integrations

Connect your Kafka provider to manage their benefits directly in Conduktor Console. The additional functionality you get from connecting your provider is made possible via their APIs.

To use Kafka provider service account functionality, you must first configure the Provider tab from within your cluster configuration.

Confluent Service Account Admin

Confluent Cloud


When configuring Confluent Cloud as your provider, ensure you use Confluent Cloud API Keys as opposed to resource API keys.

Once you have configured Confluent Cloud as your provider, you can:

  • Manage Service Accounts and ACLs
  • Manage API Keys

To manage Confluent Cloud resources, navigate to the Service Accounts screen when connected to a Confluent Cloud Kafka cluster. Note you will have a different view that's tailored to Confluent resources.

Confluent Service Acc

Additionally, you can list and create API Keys associated with a Confluent Cloud service account:

Confluent API Keys



When configuring Aiven as your provider, you can find the project name and service name fields in the below locations from within the Aiven console.

Aiven Service Account

Once you have configured Aiven as your provider, you can:

  • Manage Service Accounts
  • Manage ACLs

To manage Aiven resources, navigate to the Service Accounts screen when connected to an Aiven Kafka cluster.

Aiven Service Account