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Kafka Connect

Kafka Connect is a tool to stream data between Apache Kafka and other data systems in a reliable & scalable way. Conduktor provides a simple interface for managing all of your source and sink connectors in one place.

In the case of failed tasks, Conduktor can also help to automatically restart them.

Getting Started

Kafka Connect needs to be enabled on a per-cluster basis before any connectors can be added. To add Kafka Connect to your cluster, head to the Admin section to learn how. Add your Kafka Connect details on the tab available on an existing cluster configuration.

Creating a Connector

Once Kafka Connect is setup, navigate to Conduktor Console, then to the Kafka Connect display from the left-hand menu. Select New connector in the top right corner.

Create a connector

You will then need to define a Connector name, and paste in the JSON worker configuration for your connector.

Generating a connector configuration

Creating a connector in Conduktor requires the connectors worker configuration properties.

Below shows an example config for elastic search sink connector:

"name": "elasticsearch-ksqldb",
"connector.class": "io.confluent.connect.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchSinkConnector",
"connection.url": "ES_CONNECTION_URL",
"topics": "WIKIPEDIABOT",
"": "_doc",
"schema.ignore": "true",
"key.converter.schema.registry.url": "https://KAFKA_HOST:SCHEMA_REGISTRY_PORT",
"key.ignore": "true",
"value.converter.schema.registry.url": "https://KAFKA_HOST:SCHEMA_REGISTRY_PORT",
"consumer.interceptor.classes": "io.confluent.monitoring.clients.interceptor.MonitoringConsumerInterceptor",
"consumer.override.sasl.jaas.config": " required username=\"USER\" password=\"PASSWORD\" metadataServerUrls=\"https://KAFKA1:PORT,https://KAFKA2:PORT\";",
"value.converter": "io.confluent.connect.avro.AvroConverter",
"value.converter.basic.auth.credentials.source": "USER_INFO"

Once your configuration is entered, select the Validate button to check that your connector has been correctly configured. Once your connection is marked as valid, click Add connector to complete the process.

Managing Connectors

You will be able to manage all of your created connectors from the Kafka Connect display. You can pause, restart, and remove connectors; change their configurations; and check for any failed connectors or tasks. You can perform actions one at a time or across multiple connectors.

To pause, restart, or remove a connector, select the menu from the right-hand side of a connector, then choose the option you need.

Alternatively, click on a connector to adjust all aspects in one place. You will be able to edit the configuration, restart individual tasks, or choose to pause, restart, and delete:

Manage connectors


You can enable Auto-restart on any connector instance. When enabled, Console will check for failed tasks every minute and attempt to restart them.

Once a restart has occured, it won't try again until the user configured amount of time has passed. Note that any task restarts that have occurred will be visible in the auto-restart history.

To activate auto-restart, navigate to the Auto-restart tab from wtihin a connector.

Kafka Connect auto-restart