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Audit Log Events


When you navigate Conduktor, audit events are captured that give you detailed tracking of actions relating to Kafka. This gives you centralized visibility of user-related and resource-related events.

Clicking on an event in the audit log exposes event-specific metadata. The below example demonstrates an audit event for topic creation, which also details the number of partitions and replication factor that were used.

Admin Audit

Audit Events

Below outlines the audit events currently tracked by Conduktor.


ResourceType: Topic

CRN: kafka:/cluster/<uuid>/topic/<topic-name>

  • topic.ProducedRecord
  • topic.Browsed
  • topic.Deleted
  • topic.Created
  • topic.Updated
  • topic.Emptied
  • topic.Tagged
  • topic.Untagged

ResourceType: Subject

CRN kafka:/cluster/<uuid>/subject/<subject-name>

  • subject.Created
  • subject.Updated
  • subject.ChangedCompat
  • subject.Deleted
  • subject.DeletedVersions
  • subject.DeletedVersion

ResourceType: SchemaRegistry

CRN kafka:/cluster/<uuid>

  • registry.ChangedGlobalCompat

ResourceType: ConsumerGroup

CRN kafka:/cluster/<uuid>/group/<group-name>

  • consumergroup.Created
  • consumergroup.Updated (ResetOffsets)
  • consumergroup.Deleted

ResourceType: Connector

CRN kafka:/cluster/<uuid>/connect/<connect-cluster-id>/<connector-name>

  • connector.Created
  • connector.Updated
  • connector.Deleted
  • connector.Restarted
  • connector.RestartedTask
  • connector.Paused
  • connector.Resumed

Data Masking

ResourceType: DatamaskingPolicy

CRN platform:/datamasking/<uuid>

  • policy.Upserted
  • policy.Deleted


ResourceType: Application

CRN platform:/application/<app-slug>

  • application.Created
  • application.Deleted
  • application.Updated
  • application.access-request.Approved from / to
  • application.access-request.Rejected


ResourceType: Cluster

CRN kafka:/cluster/<uuid>

  • cluster.Created
  • cluster.Updated
  • cluster.Deleted

ResourceType: Group

CRN platform:/group/<uuid>

  • group.Created
  • group.member.Added
  • group.member.Deleted
  • group.permission.Added
  • group.permission.Deleted

ResourceType: User

CRN platform:/user/<email>

  • user.permission.Added
  • user.permission.Deleted
  • user.platform_role.Updated