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Create a Policy

In order to create a Data Masking policy and protect your data, you should navigate to the Data Policies section of the Settings. If you don't see this tab, you may not have the appropriate permissions to create policies.

List of policies

Here, you can click on Add Policy and fill out the form with the policy details.

The minimum set of properties you'll have to set is the following:

Policy DetailDescription
Policy NameUnique name for identifying your policy
ComplianceThe compliance regulation the policy adheres to (e.g. GDPR, PCI-DSS)
Information KindThe kind of information for obfuscation (e.g. PII, Financial)
Masking RuleHow the obfuscation should be implemented (e.g. hide-all, hide-last-3)
Risk LevelCategorization for the risk level associated with the policy
FieldsList of fields that should be obfuscated. It's based on JSON, and can be a path. If you want to hide multiple fields, you can click on Add field.

Add a policy

Restrict to Resources, Users and Groups

Then, you can define how you want this policy to be applied, by defining the properties below:

Policy DetailDescription
ResourcesList of resources where the policy must be applied, like clusters or topics. To add new resources, you can click on Add resource.
Exclude Users or Groups from policyIn case you want some users or groups to see the data, you can exclude them from the policy.

Add a policy

In the case above, the policy will mask the field name, for all the users except people from the group "Project A", on the topic accounts of the Local Kafka cluster.

After having created the policy, you can see it in the list of policies:

List of policies after the creation.png

Validate a Policy

Once you have created a policy, you should validate it through the Conduktor Console.

  • Navigate to a topic that contains data where your policy should be applied
  • Check that the expected fields are obfuscated using the appropriate masking rule


We can see that the name is completely hidden, as we defined in the masking rule.