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Local Admin & Users

Configure local admin and users

When you first start Conduktor Console, a local admin will be created using the credentials you gave. This admin account allows you to make some actions like creating users and groups, connecting clusters, or giving permissions, in order to initialize your instance before onboarding users.

You can declare new users from within the Console UI, via the configuration file or through environment variables.

Add users in Console UI

From within the Settings > Users & Groups screen, select Create members to add a new user.

console kafka UI users

Configuration example

Here is an example of a snippet you can use in your configuration file to declare the root administrator, and two local users, and

password: admin-secret

- email:
password: alice-secret
- email:
password: bob-secret

Here is the same configuration from environment variables:


Configure SSO

In addition to these local admin and users, you can set up Single Sign-On (SSO) so your users can log in using your company LDAP or OIDC identity provider.


This feature only works after setting up Console to use your identity provider as SSO. To be guided through the steps, please select your identity provider.

Manage permissions of users before they log in

To appear in the Users list, a user must first log in. But sometimes, you'd like to manage their permissions and groups upstream. For that, you can Create members using their email address. That way, when they will log in via SSO, they will be synchronised with this account.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • From within the Users & Groups screen, select the Create members button.

  • Enter the email of the user you want to create, then click on Create users.

  • Finally, you can add them to a group by going into the Groups section, clicking on a group, and adding the user you just created.