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Resources Reference


The Resources Reference page lists all the concepts that can be manipulated in Console, as well as how to manage them using an Infra as Code (IaC) approach.

There are two kind of API Key to use with the CLI, Terraform and Public API:

  • Admin API Key have all permissions over all resources in Console
  • Application API Key permission are scoped to Application instances & Ownership model defined in Self-service

In general, Admin API Key can bypass Application owners and "act" as an Application API Key

The resources presented here can be managed from the CLI, the Public API, Terraform, or the Console UI.

  • CLI, Terraform and Public API uses an API Key to validate permissions.
  • Console UI relies on RBAC model to validate what the user can do.


We're working hard to bring everything that you can do using the Console UI into the CLI, Public API, and Terraform.

Check the availability matrix on each resource using the following labels:

  • CLI API Terraform Console UI


The resources are split into 3 categories:

  • Console Resources are resources that exist only in Console such as
    • Cluster Configurations
    • Users, Groups & Permissions
    • Alerts, DataMasking Policies
  • Kafka Resources are Kafka resources that gets created in the Kafka ecosystem
    • Topics
    • Subjects
    • Connectors
    • ...
  • Self-Service Resources